Diablo is a historic, one of kind community.

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Diablo  is  a  historic,  “one  of  kind”,  community  with  a  vibrant  mix  of  properties  in  a  beautiful  setting   at the base of Mt. Diablo. The first homes were built in the 1870’s, with one property sitting on 4000 acres. Diablo Country Club opened in 1914 as a resort destination for wealthy families from San Francisco and Oakland. Families would come to enjoy the warm weather, the pretty lake and a beautiful clubhouse. A railroad line from Oakland to Diablo would bring the vacationers. The tracks sat where the 17th and 18th fairway of Diablo Country Club currently lie. Vacationing residents built small cottages and spent their summers here. Many of these unique homes from the 1920s still remain.​​​​​​​

The moment you enter Diablo, through the arbor of oak trees, it is clear you have stepped into a different world. Residents treasure its tranquility, the winding, tree-lined lanes and strong community. Some of Diablo’s history has disappeared with the passing of years, yet much remains. Diablo, as it stands today, is a cohesive community centered on a beautiful golf course and country club.

​​​​​​​People buy in Diablo for the beautiful and unique homes, large trees and country club setting but they stay for the community. It’s not hard to get to know neighbors in Diablo, where the “community” center, is the quaint post office established in 1916, just steps from the private Country Club’s front door. Residents are involved in welcoming newcomers, Ice Cream Socials, special Halloween events, food bank collections, and other events for neighbors to get to know each other. Diablo Country Club offers many activities for families including golf, tennis, swim team, and concerts in a beautiful environment.

I love Diablo because of what if offers; it is like a step back in time with an amazing history and location, tremendous amenities, and a vibrant community.


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